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Welcome to BH Community London, a vibrant hub for individuals hailing from Bosnia and Herzegovina, now calling London their home.

Established in 1993, BH Community London is a registered charity organisation run by a voluntary management committee. We foster a strong sense of unity, cultural appreciation, and social connections in the heart of bustling London.

Join us to be a part of a community that celebrates diversity and encourages meaningful relationships.

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What Make Us Different

We Educate

Providing additional educational support.

We Socialize

We create spaces for shared experiences and meaningful friendships.

We Fundraise

Together, we make a meaningful difference.

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Our goal is to help inspire young people and their families.
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Donation Collection

Contribute to our cause through our Donation Collection.


Together, we strengthen connections, amplify our impact, and build a community that thrives on shared goals and mutual support.

Annual Program

Year of enriching activities and events designed to unite our community and celebrate shared experiences.


Your time and dedication make a difference in creating positive and lasting impacts within our vibrant network.