BiH Independence and International Women’s Day Celebration

On Saturday, March 2nd, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Independence Day and Women’s Day were solemnly celebrated in a packed hall. The event host, Ernad Basic opened the event. Haris Kazazić greeted the guests and wished everyone a happy holiday.

Students of the BiH school London and youth performed a spectacular program dedicated to the motherland and ladies. The children’s recitations, prepared by the School of Bosnia and Herzegovina teachers in London, Semira Jakupović and Edina Kikić, delighted everyone. The effort put into educating our youngest about their homeland was truly admirable.

Harrison Lee, Tara Memagic, and Hana Kazazić’s solo piano performances were outstanding. The enchanting poetry recital of Dino Pasic’s ‘Am I British or Am I Bosnian’ and Deen Gromilic’s ‘Peace’ the authors of their songs, delighted the audience. An orchestra led by Džanan Međedović guitar and Bilal Salkić saxophone accompanied the songs of the school choir. The audience was captivated throughout the performance and gave them well-deserved applause.

Following the formal ceremony, the audience enjoyed some of the most popular music performed by Nedim Sinanovic, an ex-guitarist of the Bosnian music band Letu Stuke. Also, Mirza Bašić played the accordion and a set of traditional Bosnian songs, sevdalinka, which we sang together. With good Bosnian food and music, the party lasted late into the night.

In addition, the exhibition of paintings by the artist Dubravka Župevc nicely complemented the hall’s atmosphere. Thank you, Dubarvka, for the lovely, shared artwork.

A big thank you to everyone (musicians, parents, friends) who participated in organizing the event. Special thanks to individual donors for flowers, food, and hall rental.

All this would not be possible without a little effort from all of us. If you fancy to be a volunteer and help our work, write to this email: