A Comprehensive Approach to Education at BHCLDN

We are committed to nurturing cultural identity and academic excellence, providing a supportive environment where Bosnian youth abroad can learn their native language and celebrate their heritage.


School Education at
BH Community London

Welcome to our Bosnian Supplementary School, a community-driven initiative providing invaluable educational support to children in their mother tongue.

Our curriculum is designed to uphold the unique program of primary education abroad as defined by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Our comprehensive modules encompass the Bosnian language (Latin and Cyrillic version) history, art, and music, offering a holistic educational approach that celebrates cultural identity.  

In line with our organizational commitment, our dedicated teaching staff undertakes various responsibilities, including fostering a more informal and engaging learning environment, devising annual educational work plans, managing administrative tasks, and overseeing student enrollment and assessments.

We actively promote connections beyond our school walls, foster friendships with other communities, and share knowledge about our culture, traditions and customs. We also participate in charitable activities, read with older people, and participate in formal academic ceremonies and special occasions of remembrance. We nurture good values whilst having fun.

Stay updated with our vibrant school community through our monthly journal – a concise summary highlighting our supplementary school’s diverse activities and achievements.

Our commitment to a safe and supportive environment includes personal administration, DBS checks, safeguards and GDPR compliance.